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Oct 10, 2020 | Digital Marketing, Mobile Apps, Website Development

5 Steps:Lead Generation Campaign

Step1: Create an Compelling Offer

Put yourself in the place of visitors by asking these questions:

  • Why are they there?
  • What do they want?
  • Does it make sense?

Very Important: WIIFM (What is in for Me?)
The kinds of offers :Whitepapers, Free Trials, Membership, Sales Promotion, Downloads Using limited time offers and limited quantity, scarcity always help creates a level of fear of shortage. Thus entice visitors into conversion.

Step2: Create an Effective & Engaging CTA

CTA should be able to drive user to your Offer. It should grab the user’s attention and compels them to click and engage to your company.
You can place CTA in website pages, Display Ads, Social Media marketing campaigns, Email Blast, Blog Articles, Direct Mail, anywhere where you want user to do something.. CTA will lead people to the Landing Pages.

Few Tips:

  • Place your CTA where people can see it!
  • CTA should be Action oriented, concise and clear
  • Create a sense of urgency. Example Do it Now! Click Now! Start Today! Apply Now! Limited Offer
  • Highlight it enough to be easily clickable.
  • Use Color to highlight
  • Link Both Text and Image
  • Match Offer & Landing page

Step3: Build Landing Pages

Landing pages directs your website visitors to a particular offer which doesn’t include distractions. Your landing page should have one goal in Mind: Convert the visitor to lead.

Few Tips:

  • Add image that directs and guide people
  • Add image for the visual impact
  • Keep your form above the fold
  • Keep landing page simple, don’t clutter with too many things
  • Use supporting elements like testimonials, reviews etc.
  • Add bold description of the offer

Step 4: Lead Forms:

Forms are there for user to signup, subscribe, and download an offer.
Very Important: Choose the right length of form and submit button title

Few Tips:

  • Carefully decide the Submit Button title, it should never say ‘submit’ as its boring and no one wants to submit to anyone.
  • Submit button should relate to the offer for example, ‘download the marketing report’
  • Don’t use a clear cancel button
  • Don’t get too personal
  • Limit the required form fields. Shorter forms are better

Step 5: Analyze

Measure the campaign effectiveness, see which offers convert best. Track the visitors, leads and sales…analyze all channels like social media, organic, email marketing etc. for improving the lead generation campaign for next time.
Once you have generated enough leads it’s important for you to manage them and keep them engaged while they are making their decision. Use effective tools, which can help you to engage with the leads throughout customer lifecycle (from the time user first visit your site, to after they make purchase and beyond).

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